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What if i need help?

We offer free email support and, for PocketMac for BlackBerry, free phone support.

Which items does PocketMac sync?

Contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, music, photos and more.

What software do you sync with?

Microsoft Outlook 2011, Entourage 2008, iCal, Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto and much more.

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What if i need help?

We offer free email support and, for PocketMac for BlackBerry, free phone support.

Which items does PocketMac sync?

Contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, music, photos and more.

What software do you sync with?

Microsoft Outlook 2011, Entourage 2008, iCal, Address Book, iTunes, iPhoto and much more.

How does it sync?

PocketMac for BlackBerry syncs over USB.

Which BlackBerrys do you support?

We support all BlackBerrys.

Can I sync one-way from my BlackBerry to my Mac or vice versa?

Yes, you can setup syncing so that it overwrites yoru BlackBerry or your Mac. The default sync is two-way sync though.

What version of the Mac operating system must I have?

Mac operating system 10.5, 10.6, or 10.7.

Does your software run on PowerPC systems?

Unfortunately, PocketMac runs only on Intel machines except if you download our older version 4.x.


You saved me from tossing this 9930 off my balcony.

— Anthony Stephens

you are every blackberry users salvation if they want to switch to Mac computers.

— Chris Cary

i f***ing love you! thanks for making the blackberry syncable to mac!

— Brian Rabben

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You saved me from tossing this 9930 off my balcony.

— Anthony Stephens

Quote me as a happy customer. Hmmm. Not just happy. Ecstatic

— Andy White

i f***ing love you! thanks for making the blackberry syncable to mac!

— Brian Rabben

I can sync with every Mac OS application (iCal, Addressbook, Stickies, Tasks) and there's no need to use Entourage or other 3rd party software.

— Carlos Gomez

Quote me as a happy customer. Hmmm. Not just happy. Ecstatic

— Andy White

I was conflicted about trying this version since the last version didn't work. PocketMac for Blackberry 5.0 WORKS!

— CM Campbell

I love it, Blackberry and particularly, PocketMac. I can finally have all my real estate clients and contact info, and calendar with me! Yes!

— Bill Sampson

Great product. You just saved me from an enormous job of re-capturing hundreds of contacts.

— Dan C.

Thanks, guys. Your software and the rave reviews I read are the reasons I chose a Blackberry

— Dana Stripling

I appreciate like crazy that mac & blackberry can be sync'ed

— Doug Stevenson

I would rather cut off my arm than give up my PocketMac and BlackBerry. Thanks for a GREAT product.

— Eric Brickson

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What Can I Do?

Outlook 2011 Sync

Sync all your Outlook 2011 data (contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes) to your BlackBerry. This is a two-way sync.

Entourage 2008 Sync

Sync Entourage 2008 data to and from your BlackBerry device. Sync contacts, calendar, tasks, & notes. (Does not include Exchange Server.)

Address Book Sync

Sync Address Book to and from your BlackBerry device. Sync Contacts.

iCal Sync

Sync iCal to and from your BlackBerry device. Sync Calendar and Tasks

iTunes Sync

Sync songs from iTunes to your BlackBerry.

iPhoto Sync

Sync photos from iPhoto to your BlackBerry.

Install 3rd Party Applications

Install 3rd party applications from your Mac to your BlackBerry.

Rock-Solid USB Synching

With PocketMac for BlackBerry, you get rock-solid USB synching. (Wireless/Bluetooth synching not yet available)

Daylite Sync

Sync Daylite to and from any BlackBerry. Sync contacts, calendars and tasks.

Stickies Sync

Sync Stickies Notes to any BlackBerry.

Password Support

PocketMac For BlackBerry fully supports BlackBerry passwords. Just enter your password and sync--it's that simple.

USB Charge While Sync

The moment you plug your USB-supported BlackBerry device into your Mac and PocketMac starts to sync, your BlackBerry device will be automatically charged.


Founder & Former CEO of HubHob (Dutch wi-fi hotspot provider)
"I think the 30 dollar price is way too low for this product"

From Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Dear PocketMac,

I would like to express my satisfaction with your PocketMac for BlackBerry synchronization software. Your product has rendered my BlackBerry 7290 doubly useful: already it allowed me to maintain calendar and contacts in tight coordination with my Embassy office, which is equipped with Microsoft Outlook, but, thanks to you, my Entourage calendar on my personal Mac laptop is now part of the trio, updating them and always up to date. PocketMac for BlackBerry has simplified my life and given greater efficiency to the office. 

Thanks for developing such a fine product.


Aziz Mekouar

Aziz Mekouar, Ambassador, The Embassy of the Kingdom Of Morocco (Washington DC)

Forget about Free!  You should charge for a program this slick and unique...

Mark Bellehumeur

A friend of mine told me about PocketMac and so far i love it.

Robert Gomez

I appreciate like crazy that mac & blackberry can be sync'ed

Doug Stevenson

this version works better than any i've ever tried.

Dell McNeil

thanks for PocketMac, without it i could not effectively use my blackberry

Steven Pipes

Everything is working great now – thank you for the great response and help! You guys rock!

Connie Morris

Thank you for creating PocketMac for Blackberry.  I have looked long and
hard for a phone that would sync with my Mac--- and you made it happen.  I'm amazed the application is free.  If you develop a bluetooth version of this... And you charge for it... I will gladly buy it. It seems amazing to me that you folks generate this great piece of software... And then you don't charge for it.  Why not??  It is seems that if someone can afford the luxury of both a Mac and a Blackberry... They should gladly pay for a piece of great software like this that makes them work together.  I find this software to work seamlessly... It it's great!

Stephen Meredith

The software for my Blackberry Pearl works flawlessly.  I read all the
PDF instructions, downloaded the Daylight Savings Time Patch, and everything is great.  Thanks forever more!

Constance Hudson

thank you for making my mac/blackberry life sooo much easier!

Debby Whitlock

"More and more every day we encounter clients who are hesitant to switch to a BlackBerry because they have heard the rumors that they aren't compatible with a Mac. With PocketMac, we now put their worries at ease and are able to offer them the two devices working together!  TheBlackBerryGuys (

Nathan Drobek of NationLink Wireless

Love your products. I've just returned to the Blackberry from a Palm device after a  change in jobs. I was delighted to see the tremendous improvement of PocketMac 4.0 for the Blackberry from the previous versions, and  Research In Motion has clearly recognized the quality and achievement 
of PocketMac for Blackberry buy licensing it for all Mac users.

Grant Gelinas-Brown

 I'm a mac user.  Always have been.  I bought a Blackberry 3 years ago, used it for about a year.  You guys helped out BIG TIME!  Great product!
 I then switched to a Razr phone for a year.
 I then bought a Blackberry Pearl in the last week.  I forgot how impossible it was to sync my MAC address book with a blackberry, and PocketMac came through again!! 
 I can't  thank you enough for a wonderful and easy product to use.
 Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!


just downloaded the software via the blackberry site for my blackberry pearl 8100

Having only just acquired my first IMAC I found the process very

Graham Duce

Just a note to say THANKS for emailing those great directions for updating the “DST” file! I’m sure I couldn’t have done it without your help. Also I like your personal approach and the friendliness of your emails. Gosh! Real people!

Joachim Nelson

Everything seemed clear and easy to find.  I visited from a link, and was happy to find the PocketMac instant download right there.  Thanks for the great work!  I'm a long time blackberry user and recent Mac convert, and I'm so glad to have a reliable sync program.  thank you!

Tanya Hampshire

Thanks so much Mark. I downloaded and it worked! I can't believe it. I transfered all my contacts from my old blackberry to my new one! How exciting!

Lisa Schwab

I am writing to let you know that I had the most positive tech support experience today.  I was having difficulty syncing 2 blackberry devices to Pocketmac and also with the installation of your most current version of the software.  Adrian was extremely knowledgeable and patient.  He was not only knowledgeable about the Mac but also about my new Blackberry Pearl.  This is the first time I really feel like it was well worth paying for the tech support.

Margaret Gee

By the way, I’ve been meaning to tell you that the upgrade is really superb.

Peter Hendricks

I managed to get PocketMac to sync my Ical and address book just the way I wanted it to. I'm so happy it works.


The Blackberry 8700c with your PocketMac v.4, and MacTheme is the next best thing! I love it! My Blackberry now looks like a Mac, and syncs beautifully with iCal and Address Book. Who could ask for more?

David Berger

I am impressed with your product, it solved the last hurdle to switch to Mac.
Best regards

Dennis Onstenk/Calabria Tours

Dear PocketMac,
As a new Blackberry user (I just got the Pearl) I had to write and tell you how glad I am you working to make it work with a Mac. PocketMac is the critical link to the success of the Blackberry for Mac users.   Without it, I have no idea what I would do. For those of us who are committed to a Mac lifestyle a Blackberry without PocketMac is worthless. Keep up the great work!

Thomas Ball / Documentary Filmmaker

Great product.  You just saved me from an enormous job of re-capturing
hundreds of contacts.  It even restored all my notes from telephone
conversations that I kept in the Address Book, as well as my categories.

This is a bit long winded I know, but I am very grateful for your well
designed product.


Dan C.

So it is now installed and I have just used it.  It has many improvements over the previous version.  Looks great!  Glad that RIM bought a licence.  The bookmarks feature is nifty.

Glyn Rimmington

Thanks a million.  I got PocketMac 4.0 and it works great.

Caleb Cindano

First, I'd like to say I love your product.  You guys are doing a great job.

Paul Shin

I asked Adrian to provide me with his superiors name so that I could give you some feedback regarding the customer service he has provided me over the past couple of weeks.  In my years of experience in business and dealing with various customer service people, especially in the technology areas these days; DSL, cable, telephone etc., all those I have to deal with because I am a small business operating in my home, I have not come across many people like Adrian.  I am not a “techie” so when I need assistance with technology, it is helpful to have someone like Adrian who is willing and able to help me through the details.

I recently returned to using a  Blackberry after being without one for about a year.  And, finally, a way to sync the Blackberry with the Mac; wonderful stuff.  Long story short, Adrian helped me through the issues I was experiencing in trying to get everything set up with my Mac so that I could begin to receive email, sync my calendar and all my contacts as well.  Probably the most important aspect of what he did for me; he called me when he was supposed to, he had the information he was supposed to, he was friendly and he went the extra mile when most of the other companies (including a very large phone company I have service with currently) don’t.  Adrian has the product knowledge and the skills with a customer that I would welcome anytime in a business of mine.

My hat is off to Adrian and your company for providing me with such a great experience when many companies today have lost sight of what good customer service is.  If I ever need assistance again, I want to deal directly with Adrian.    Well Done!!

Warmest Regards

Tom Raymond

Adrian is brilliant!  He did explain that you all have been extremely busy,
so things didn't happen as fast as they possibly could.  But, I just want to thank pocketmac for your support and professionalism.  Adrian was able to help me with several issues, and he was very professional, and patient with me.  I was beginning to wonder about pocketmac as a whole company, but now that I know that you really care about your customers, I will highly
recommend your products to my friends and co-workers at Texas Instruments
where I work.

Adrian was able to successfully help me sync my pocketpc to Entourage.   Adrian did quite a bit of work for me.   I am very, very impressed with what he could do.  I am a UNIX System Administrator at Texas Instruments, and I deal with a lot of customers.  So, I can really appreciate what he's done for me.  Thanks a million!   Please forward this email to Adrian's supervisors.

Again, Thanks for all your help and support!  Have a good evening!

Rachel Rocha

you guys have got it right, your the most effecient friendly I have ever been on. DON'T CHANGE!!!

Robert Key

Dear Lauren,

I used Phone Support for the first time today.  It was a wonderful and professional experience...

Lauren, I had to let you know how incredibly helpful and pleasant Anne B. was.  I am not terribly "computer savvy".  Anne B. was patient, and walked me through each and every step...explaining all that we did in terms and ways that I could understand.  Best of all, my situation was completely resolved, and I'm in business.

How lucky Pocketmac is to have a great product supported by wonderful people...Anne B. being one of them.


Michele Demetriou

Thanks! Your product was fabulous. It took minutes to do what I had spent all day trying to do and being unable to get my computer to recognize my palm. Good stuff!!!

Kimberly Nalda MD

Oh my God - I love you!!
Thank you sooooooooo much for that PocketMac, I now have peace of mind, after already loosing all of my Cell phone's information without any backups in the past.

Victor LeBlanc

It's really a nice package. Thanks very much for the help.

Henry Dormitzer

I received the update under an email from Lauren Samuels, Mark and wanted to tell both of you I downloaded #4 and synced my Pearl in a couple of minutes... And I am no Technodude !!!
Great job on the software... Everything synced seamlessly and now I can carry all my contacts, calendar info, etc.
You guys rule !!!

John Neutzling

That is really great news...You guys have the best applications and customer service around so we are looking forward to the the release so we can finally connect our new phone to our Mac's...

Craig Hoffman

I have been using Mac's and PDA's since my first Classic and a Newton. With ten kids and a business to run, I can't afford to miss a single call or appointment. The Pearl and my Powerbook along with PocketMac are the best solution ever. I couldn't be more happy.

Bill McDonald

Can I just say you guys are amazing.  Your personal e-mail response was great.  It answered all my questions.  Keep on doing what you all are doing.  Take care!

Otis Marston

Recieved your email about the updated software, just wanted to tell all of you at PocketMac that you have exceeded my expectations for this product and outstanding customer service.  I wish all companies were as good to their customers. 
Thanks again...Have a nice week!

Rahim Alibhai

i f***ing love you! thanks for making the blackberry syncable to mac!

Brian Rabben

Thanks, guys. Your software and the rave reviews I read are the reasons I chose a Blackberry over the Palm I'm using now.  Great job!

Dana Stripling

Everything is working great. Its a pleasure to be back on a mac and of course pocketmac!

David Aaron


I just wanted to say thank you very much for for developing and offering PocketMac for Blackberry.  It is an awesome app!

Will Meek

Dear Lauren

Thankyou very much for you professional, friendly and super fast service. My experience with PocketMac as a product and company as been fantastic!

You can use any of my words to promote your company.

All the best

George Helou

Thank you very much for all your help. I have downloaded the update from the previous link that you have emailed me and it worked fine. Once again, thank you very much for all your help.

Regards from a very happy customer

Sheikha Alhabshee

this is just a note to let you know that I called your company a few days ago seeking help in syncing my new Blackberry with my MAC computer.  Adrian helped me.  He did an excellent job.  He was very helpful and professional.  He did such a good job that I asked him if I could write his boss (s) and tell them.  That is what I am doing.  I’m so glad that you guys offer the support you do.  Keep up the good work.  Sincerely

John D. Talbert

The product works so well I'd almost think that y'all worked for Apple.  :-)

John Orr

Great product.

Edwin Bien

The follow-up you guys do is very impressive.  Pocketmac has the best customer service of any software company I have ever dealt with, by far!  Thanks again.

George Brooks

Nothing, it is easy to use, and most importantly your products are wonderful.

Franklin Madison, Technology Program Director, ITAC-NY

Final note.  It's working! Everything is synching beautifully. My hat is off to your development team.  I am the acid test of ill-educated users.  If I can get this thing going, anyone can.  Feel free to quote me.

George Brooks

Your software is great by the way and appreciate the freeware for blackberry.


Hi, I recently purchased pocketmac lite and love the product.

Brandon Jones

I just checked the details of BlackBerry and can't belive it's toooo good man. Really it's awsome.

Mohan Moharir

Thanks a lot.  The sync works like a gem.

Nauman Farooqi

First, thank you for providing such an excellent product for free!

Just wanted to let you know that it works just fine with the Blackberry 8700g as well (it is not listed as supported on your website) I just got it today from t-mobile.

Peter Sanchez


Helen Brejtfus

thanks, I can link up to it now. What great service!

Phil Houghton

To Whom It May Concern,

I am delighted to share with you my positive experience with pocketmac. I am a recent switcher from the pc to mac platform and am a long time blackberry user. I applaud RIM's endorsement of your product and of your strategic relationship. Thanks to Pocketmac, my switch has been seamless and I encourage you to develop more products tailored to the mac community.

Please feel free to pass on my gratitude and encouragement to the the relevant members who made this initiative work.

I have been in touch with your staff  on this product before it was released and was very impressed with the prompt and courteous customer service.

Jose Jimenez

Many thanks.  It worked perfectly!  I now have a complete Mac and Blackberry.

Norman Hébert

PocketMac has what every Entourage user need´s, now I can work efficient every day!

Patrick Ohlsson

THANKS! I am all set now. I can't even tell you how happy I am to have this all settled:)

Lisa Wagner





Thanks again Mark. Done, did it, roaring to go. Thank you thank you. JG

Jean Gordon

Thanks for your help with my synching issue Adrian was fantastic and as usual it turned out to be "pilot error" with my wife's Blackberry.
Please keep up the good work.
Thanks again.

Scott Brown

thank you for your great products!

Eric Haus

I love it, Blackberry and particularly, PocketMac.  I can finally have all my real estate clients and contact info, and calendar with me!  Yes!

Bill Sampson

Guys, who said you are nuts! I am delighted with PocketMac Blackberry 3.12.

Manuel Baptista

I downloaded Pocketmac for Blackberry and it works great!

Glen Ritchey

it is perfect. you guys make great software keep up the good

Roshan Kazemzadeh

You have a great product which I have been using daily for the last half year. Installation and configuration was a snap, never any problem with it!
Thank you all!

Thomas C. Brendle

It has been seldom that I had such an outstanding experience with an online company. First of all you guys are the only ones who make it possible for me to sync my blackberry with my mac using a piece of  already great, but constantly evolving software. Second, your tech support is friendly, to the point and fast.

Thank you for making my day for the second time this month! (The first time was when I actually synced my BB to my Mac)

Hans A. Verschoor

Thank you.  I cant believe I bought this back in Nov. 2004!  Great customer service on your end.  I always love it when I find a company that exceeds my expectations.

PS:  I'm so glad to have found your products.  I love my PSP as much as my Mac & Entourage.  I have started using it for Work - Displaying building construction drawings and other documents.  This makes my workflow much simpler.

Bruce Kaye

PocketMac is fantastic. As a Mac user since the mid-80s, I am fairly committed to the platform. But I had always been intrigued by the Blackberry. It never made sense to get one because too many features were PC-only features. But I am now the proud owner of a new Blackberry and must say that the PocketMac set up process was easier than advertised and WAY easier than I anticipated. No issues whatsoever, the first sync was perfect and smooth. It would be impossible to recommend this product any more highly.

Patrick Dennis / Alliant Studios, Inc.

The program is great.  I have turned the Mac store in Newport Beach on to your website and program.  You should get more business soon. Thank you as well for making it possible for me to use my Blackberry with my Mac.

Matt Stone

Thanks. You"re doing a great job supporting the mac community

Harry Myhre

Downloaded it.
Simply amazing.
My paranoia has ended.
Now I am firing on all cylinders.

Elliot Graeber

By the way, I love Pocketmac!  Thanks for a superior product. Quote me as a happy customer.  Hmmm.  Not just happy.  Ecstatic!  To get email, web access, calendar, address book, and a phone, I have cycled through a Blackberry, an enhanced cell phone, a Blackberry, a Treo, and now  my third Blackberry.  In the past, linking the Blackberry to a desktop client has been all but impossible, because I don't use Microsoft products.  Typing and modifying everything by hand on the Blackberry is ridiculous.  Enter PocketMac, and life is good again!  It's a wonderful utility, does what it says it does, and the price is fair. 

Best wishes (and keep developing!)

Andy White

I just finished a session with Adrian(sp?) helping me with synch problems with my Blackberry and Mac.  All I can tell u is that it was the most pleasurable experience i have ever had with tech support. Well worth the money.  Give this man a raise.  Genius.

Steve Backer

The MAC version for my Blackberry handheld.  Installed without a hitch.. Did my first synch, and everything worked perfect.


Steve Daunheimer – Photographer

Great product, by the way.

Janet Eisenberg

Thank you.  You have a great program.

Lee Bechtold

Sure. You can even say that with PocketMac I can with every Mac OS application (Mail, iCal, Addressbook, Stickies, Tasks) and there's no need to  use Entourage or other 3rd party software.  The Palm software (If you use a Treo instead of a Bberry) doesn't even do that. iSync with PocketMac is more natural than with a Palm OS device.

Carlos Gomez

I would like to say thanks for making such a great product. I love my mac but I hate having to use Virtual PC to run the RIM software (when it feels like running right.)

Matthew Sweet

I am emailing you to share an exceptionally good experience I had with an Adrian...this afternoon.

I decided to pay for the support and see how that worked out. Adrian was punctual, polite and extremely thorough. He was very knowledgeable as well. Once he helped straighten out the issues he stayed with me and guided me through several different tests.

I will refer others to this product as a result.

And if more people had experiences of phone support like the one Mr. Gonzales provided me today then I predict that you will sell so many PocketMac programs that the phone support will become free!

John Sullivan

I have purchased your product and love finally having syncing going from my BlackBerry to my Macintosh.  Love it.  You've got a great product...  Keep up the good work!

Christopher Wilson

Amazing!  I can't believe how quickly you got the software to me, and how easy it was to get everything up and running!  It was much easier than using the official stuff that came from Blackberry.  Fantastic service and price! Your personalized service in an age of robotic, computerized customer service is yet even more reason to love you guys!

Faith Adiele

I am sending this email from my new Blackberry. You guys hooked me up not too long ago when I was trying to sync my pocket pc to my mac. Didn't figure you'd let me down so I moved on the BB. As usual, your product came though--syncing on the first try.

Sean Doughtie

I got PocketMac Blackberry and i installed it in a Mac like manner.
Easy and soft. Just little configuration. Now i can sync my Blackberry
between my private PowerBook and my Business Thinkpad with Lotus Notes. I
sync from BB to Notes, from iCal to BB and than to Notes, delete
appointments or addresses in the BB and sync that to iCal/Adressbook and to
Notes. Easy and smooth like the most normal thing of the world (btw. i had
to reinstall the Windows Desktop SW twice, because it sometimes did not
longer work. A version conflict on Windows... what surprise :-) )

Sven Gmelin

This is so wonderful - I think I love you!!!

 Many many thanks - I'm one of those people who was desperate for a blackberry but thought she couldn't have one .... And now I can


Barbara Trevanion

Your software is working well and is a pleasure to use
Thank you for your ongoing interest. Please quote me as a very happy customer.

Leon Ellenport

Zero to full BlackBerry-iCal-AddressBook-Stickies sync in a single download. PocketMac makes BlackBerry the full-convergence device it was meant to be. Bravo! Full points!

Alexei Marcoux

Finally I can sync my pocketpc with my Mac and I can install all apps, music and photo on my device. Great program, simply to use & low cost.


I bought your Pocketmac to sync my blackberry 7250 cdma with my pbook
and it's well worth the 30 bucks.

T Murphy, Autonomechs LLC

I have been a PocketMac for Blackberry software user for nearly a year now. The software has been great but I am most impressed with the quick response and exceptional customer service I received from Lauren and the product specialist team.

Pete Lewis

Pocketmac is great!

Jeremiah Jensen / kkco nbc 11 news

Today i bought a Blackberry and also have downloaded your software. I'm not a crack on mac's and always struggle with some things like bluetooth Cellphone/modem connections and what so ever, but today i learned that there is a company which makes a idiot approved software, now that was real easy to setup press a bottom enter the serial no. plug in the cable and right from the first second it worked , copied my datas from entourage to the blackberry.  now that was real nice, great job , cool software, worth every cent. please keep going like this. thanks for making a software which even i was able to install and run.

Best regards from switzerland

Mike Navab

Thank you so much.  This worked like a dream and now I am all synced up!  I
really think your support team are second to none.  I have never had such
efficient service from ANY organisation before.  I am so impressed that I
have told my boss, who is a very famous international rock star!

Nicola Joss

Thanks for the great gift.  What a pleasure to deal with people who actually VALUE the time a consumer might spend to give input.

When I filled out my survey I couldn't find the email written by a person who really helped me out regarding pocketmac.  I found it today and wanted to pass it along.  This guy was terrific.

I will continue to look forward to new enhancements on my pocketmac for blackberry and other products.

Steven Boss

Thank you all at pocketmac for being the breakthrough between PC handhelds and mac system software. (not to mention your other apps:- ical printer etc. Amazing!) All your hard work has defiantly paid off.

Robin Knapp

PM is working pretty sweet...

Chris Simo-Kinzer

So, I'll tell you ... that the product is perhaps the first I've bought that did everything exactly as it said it would and that your support is world class.  And my first computer was a 128k Mac in 1984, so I know of what I speak.

Steven Megannety

Pretty  awesome product you have! Thank you for making PocketMac a wonderful product  to use!

Juan Carlos Olivo

Just wanted to thank you guys... the best $$ I ever spent on software.
Runs like a charm, integrates with iSync, easy to use.
My Windows 'crackberry" pals are envious. (Once again it's great to own
a Mac)
Keep up the great work !

Love the software

Rick Fenton

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy using your PocketMac program.  It's made my BlackBerry and Mac work together completely seamlessly! PocketMac has FINALLY allowed me to have a phone solution that works for me, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for making a great product.

Kevin Muller


I'm a satisfied customer :-)

Currently I'm running a BB 7230 with BB SW installed on it.
Provider is Vodafone A1 in Austria.
Syncing partner is Entourage for Mac Version 10.1.6

Everything is working fine.

Thanks mates, Good work.

Greetings from Austria

Michael Mohr

i'd just like to say thank you for such a great product. i purchased it last week installed it and had it working all in under 25 minutes. congratulations on producing such a seamless, and tight product.

thanks again for creating such a sweet piece of software, and thank you in advance for you response.

Abe Thomas

I have it installed and it works wonderful.  To me, your software works
better than the one on the PC.  Great product.

Maurice Au

Thanks, I definitely am getting a Blackberry because of your software. You guys rock.

Emory Dively

i upgrade my mac with tiger it was great but now with your software and my
blackberry 7100v ( and your update tiger)  it's fantastic !`
thank you
from my secretary working with ical and making an isync via .mac
my meeting are directly in my blackberry via my powerbook 12  great

good job!

Pierre Eric Innocenti

By the way, I did come back and by PocketMac for Blackberry. That's one handy little piece of software.  Works without a glitch from the very start, and sure helps keep me organized.

Tom Miller

Installed it yesterday, smooth as a babies bottom. Synced twice with no problem whatsoever!!!!!!! I still dont believe its true.

Franklin Madison, Jr., Technology Program Director, NASA/SATOP Program Manager

Plain and simply, it works! If you haven't bought it yet what are you waiting for?


P.s. I don't work for these guys.

Simon Beer

Thank you for your excellent support. I love the product!

Peter Fiedler, Assistant Vice President/ Office of the Executive Vice President, Boston University

I got rid of my Treo 600 (remember, the one I kissed here) as I had too many crashes and I realized that out of its features what I used all the time was mainly email. So I came back to a Blackberry which is orders of magnitude better for email (better keyboard and email is pushed to it permanently, no need to "get mail").

I was just very frustrated not being able to sync it with my Mac, which has just been solved thanks to the team of PocketMac who released PocketMac for BlackBerry.

I paid $30 and the Sync worked perfectly in minutes. Cool.

Loic Le Meur

In fact I succeded installing pocket mac BB...I have now sync[hed] the BB without any pb : the product is very good and efficient.

Romain Durand

I feel so... connected. You are great! any event I can now synchronize my Windows PC at work with the Blackberry 7230 and then sync the Blackberry with my PowerMac running Panther 10.3.5.

Rick Lang

Absolutely perfect. Just what I needed :-)

Raja Singh

Since I do not know who (perhaps several) was behind the 'PocketMac Team'
signature line that I have had the pleasure of corresponding with over the last few days, I would like to tell you how extremely pleased I have been with your service, your professionalism and your promptness in keeping me informed of the actions being taken and the status of my issue!

I have paid hundreds, even thousands of dollars for software packages in my company and have not received the level of attention I experienced with the PocketMac Team, my hat is off to you all!

But to further underscore my compliment to you, now that I am using the PocketMac for Blackberry software, it has far exceeded my expectations for
simplicity of installation, ease of use and it does exactly as advertised! Outstanding and Well Done!

Now that I have PocketMac installed on both of my G5's, I will be purchasing another license for my Powerbook and iBook!


Joseph A. Pence
President and CEO
OCMC, Inc.

Joseph A. Pence

Let me begin by saying thanks! I purchased my BlackBerry and turned it back into Nextel within the first 10 days. Why? Well I am a Mac user being forced into using a PC with Lotus Notes. After finding PocketMac, I again got a BB
from work hoping to simplify my life and merge my Lotus contact list with my Mac contacts. This program was worth every penny!! Not very often do 
you ever find a product that does exactly as it is billed... but this is one for sure. I think I would rather cut off my arm than give up my PocketMac 
and BlackBerry.

Thanks for the follow up with the updates, and thanks for a GREAT 

Eric Brickson

Technical support at Pocket Mac have gone far further than any tech support I have ever come across particularly in the IT World. They understand the difficulties I have, and are trying on several paths to help me...I have confidence that PM will stay with me and that is a fantastic compliment for a modest price but really useful tool.

So feel free to use me.......or the quotes...or even as a case study....

I would buy stuff from you guys again....shame you don't make a PC operating system!

You guys are and staying in-touch!

John Osmond


I finally have time to install the new version, everything works, you guys rock!!!!!!

Thank you and have a great Labor Day weekend. Thanks again for the great work!



Worked a treat. Thanks..

Paul Upton

I have been waiting 2 years for MAC Blackberry support, it is stable and works great with Entourage! Great product. Using right now.

Jeff Robertson

I have been using pocketmac for the past week with my blackberry, it is fantastic.

Pete Minich

Good morning, I wanted to let you know that the connection with my USB cable here at work recognized it immediately! Also it is charging the Blackberry......I thought USB charging via a Mac was not supported, and was only available to those with PC's. This is a huge bonus. You guys are the best. Thank you so much for this software, I would not own a Blackberry if it were not for PocketMac.

Thanks for staying on top of this and getting it fixed for me. Great support

Brad Perkins

Thanks for your patience and working over a weekend! amanda

Amanda Gore

Thanks, that seems to have worked a treat. Great product guys and thanks for the technical support

Scott Graham


Thanks very much for your speedy response. The driver worked! I am very impressed by your service.

Paul Sanders

Thanks that did it!! You guys have a superior product with superior tech support!! Thank you!! Best $30 I've spent in awhile!

Joel Sonnenberg

not only could you not have been speedier, but the driver worked brilliantly. you've made my day. actually, you've made my week. thanks so much!! rob

Rob Nagle

The download worked perfectly. I am very pleased with your software. I have completed my transition from a PC based Blackberry to Mac successfully. Everything works!

John E. MacAllister

Thanks for all your help. Really great technical support - wish Apple was as good.


Julian Stubbs

hey guys-

just wanted to let you know that I can sync my blackberry 7100t with outlook on my pc and also with entourage on my MAC! all the data transfers back and forth between outlook and entourage. greatest thing since the chocolate chip cookie!


Michael Palasz

Hey thanks for the note. PocketMac is my Mac Blacberry Sync & it's wonderful. Keep up the good work and have a happy holiday."

Brian Quennell

Thanks for the great products.

Kindest Regards, Garry

Garry Turner

Thank you

PocketMac is a great product.

Steve Platts

Thank you very much. This is a nice present. I've had two other great presents this year: (1) Cingular BlackBerry 7290 phone a few weeks ago, and (2) PocketMac. Your PocketMac application has been absolutely beautiful!!!

Ronald Clark

Hi Lauren

Many thanks for this useful tool that came for me as a christmas gift. As a new switcher I missed this function very often. You saved my life... :-) Best regards and a happy new year!


Roland Kiefer

This is a super program and it has saved me a lot of time. It is perfect for people like me using many devices to keep life and business on track.

Eric Cohen

 I downloaded pocketmac for my blackberry again today for my old phone and it is fantastic software.

Chris Royer

To whom it may concern:

Just wanted to send along some kudos for Steve Z!  I have a BB8120 and he
went above and beyond to get me set up to sync!  We had to do a bit of
problem solving, well he did, and he stuck with it until we got it figured
out!  I couldn't be happier with his technical support!

You definitely want to do whatever you have to, to keep him around!!!

Happy customer,
Josh Epperson

Josh Epperson

I love PocketMac and it was a stretch to come up with anything to
improve it

Chris Morton

Your program worked great.

It has helped me move from one provider of services for my Blackberry (Rogers) to (Telus).

I am now approaching my 70th birthday and with Entourage on the MAC (address, calendar, task and note applications) it is about all I am able to phantom and handle.

Many thanks for making Pocket Mac available.

Leo Flaman

Leo Flaman

First, thanks for this nice and well working program

Patrick Coutin

Love your product !  Best thing I ever did ... As a MacUser since 1982 ... I was a little wary of gong to BlackBerry.  Should i have gone to IPHONE 3G etc. Know now... BlackBerry with PocketMac software was a great choice.

John Murphy

i love my pocketmac.  It syncs my calendar, my contacts, my iphoto and my itunes.

Robi Dallow

I want to say I am very happy and satisfied with PocketMac for Blackberry and to let you know it is a great product. Again, great product...

Trevor Schultz

I was conflicted about trying this version since the last version didn't work. PocketMac for Blackberry 5.0 WORKS! The previous version did not sync ANYTHING. So thanks!

CM Campbell

Hi, I just got pocket-mac in order to synchronize my blackberry curve 8900 with my I-Mac. After unsuccessfully trying for weeks to make it work with the blackberry manager I finally gave up, I was wondering whether I should switch to I-phone (something that I have just refused to do as I do like blackberry more) or give it one more try with another software. I tried this program that I found searching over the internet. I turn out to be great solution, at a very reasonable price!. To ensure it will work properly be sure that you have set up the program properly (very simple proceeding).
Definitely, if you cannot make blackberry manager work with your Mac try it..
Omar M. Santiago, Chile

Omar M. Santiago

Tim & Rayven.. Just wanted to say thank you to you both for helping me solve my syncing issue. Rayven was great... Patient, methodical, professional and extremely knowledgeable. My issue was complex and took several days to work through it, but he dug deep and found the problem buried in deep down.

So, thanks again and hopefully it will be "happy syncing" days ahead!

Robin Brown

Rayven was terrific; many thanks, mm

Madeleine M.

I just wanted you to know what a great job Adrian did in assisting me with an installation issue I had with PocketMac for Blackberry.  

Adrian was not only knowledgeable and proficient, he was also incredibly patient listened to my concerns and issues.  Adrian is an asset to your organization and a great ambassador for your company.

Paul Henry

Sorry for the delayed "appreciation note", but I wanted to thank both of you for resolving the issues I was having with Pocket Mac for my BlackBerry.  Rayven took me through the multiple steps to remove the items that were causing the conflicts, and my syncs are now performing as expected.

Thanks guys . . . for the very positive customer service experience. 

Deb McCue

I'd like to thank you again for all of your time and patience with helping me sync my contacts. You have  been a pleasure to work with and I am truly impressed with all of your customer service (starting from the initial email from Tim to this process). I work in PR and know a lot of people and will definitely recommend your software. Have a great weekend!


"you are every blackberry users salvation if they want to switch to Mac computers."

Chris Cary

Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me. I downloaded a current version, restarted and connected my phone. All the work you had me do worked and the phone connected with no problem. I ran my first sync and everything but my outlook notes sync' d.  Outlook for Mac 2011 has notes and my Blackberry has memos. PocketMac has stickies. I will see if I can work around this. If you have any ideas please let me know.

Again, thanks for your help and time. I do appreciate it and Tim should be very glad you work for  PocketMac.

Tom Dunn

Went perfectly! So much easier than the Blackberry software!

Kit Bail

Your product is wonderful.  I have told several people about it already- thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kathy Kelly

great app, all worked fine,



Felix Euler

I've installed and it worked beautifully.

Nancy Otton

Many thanks for the great product, had no problem downloading my address book to Blackberry Curve and I'm very impressed with your service and contact information.
Keep up the good work.
Many thanks

Charles Rowe

"As a media professional, I have been a Blackberry user for just under a
decade. Over the years, I have had no trouble syncing my smartphone with my
PC using Blackberry's proprietary sync software. Upon making the move to a
MacBook a few years back, I quickly discovered that the Mac-compatible
version of Blackberry's syncing software left much to be desired. Plenty of
hanging, errors, and headaches. I discovered PocketMac and found it to be a
wonderful solution to my syncing needs. The program is intuitive, works
flawlessly, and the customer service is prompt and effective. I am happy
that my beloved tech products can now talk to each other and I highly
recommend PocketMac."

Tatyana Terzopoulos

Dearest Tim,
I appreciate your support.
To be honest everything went just smooth: order, payment, download, installation and sync.
Thanks, your software is by far much more user friendly of the BB one which, by the way, did not work al all with my Mac-BB8900 combination.

Thanks and carry on doing this good work.

Maurizio Risso

Yep. Its up and running thank you. You saved me from tossing this 9930 off my balcony

Anthony Stephens

Screenshots of PocketMac for BlackBerry in Action

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Connecting To The BlackBerry...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Enter Your BlackBerry Password...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Address Book Synching Options...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: iCal Synching Options...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Stickies Synching Options...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Entourage 2008 Synching Options...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: iPhoto Synching Options...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: iTunes Synching Options...

PocketMac for BlackBerry SMS Viewer: Viewing Your SMS Text Call Log

PocketMac for BlackBerry SMS Viewer: Viewing Your Call Log

PocketMac for BlackBerry SMS Viewer: Printing Your Logs

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Syncing In Action...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Syncing In Action...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Syncing In Action...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Syncing In Action...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Confirming Deletion Of Records...

PocketMac for BlackBerry: Resolving Syncing Conflicts...

System Requirements For PocketMac for BlackBerry

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or 10.6 or 10.7
  • Intel Macs Only. (Power PC Macs not supported)
  • 50MB free disk space on your Mac
  • 1 Available USB Port
  • For Music and Photo syncing, a BlackBerry device with a microSD memory expansion card
  • Syncs with every BlackBerry and every version of the BlackBerry operating system (including version 6)

Optional Requirements:

  • Only For Entourage Synching Options: Entourage 2008 or Microsoft Office 2011