PocketMac Backup for SalesForce

"How This Tiny Applet Helps Ensure Your Success No Matter What Happens In This Economy..."

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About PocketMac Backup for SalesForce

System Requirements For PocketMac Backup for SalesForce

SalesForce Requirements:
  • This product requires that your SalesForce account be a Developer, Enterprise or Unlimited edition account.
General System Requirements:
  • Mac OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") 
  • 10MB Of Disk Free Space
  • Mac Universal Application

What Does PocketMac Backup for SalesForce Do For Me?

1) Backup your SalesForce data to your Mac... - Regardless of what happens in the economy, make sure your SalesForce data is safe on your Mac. PocketMac Backup for SalesForce automatically backs up all your data to Address Book & iCal every 15 minutes.

More About PocketMac Backup for SalesForce

      As a salesperson, you know that your two most important assets are your brains and your list of customers. No matter what happens, you want unrestricted access to both assets. You'll always have use of your intelligence, but...

...what happens if you can't log into your customer list?

     That's where PocketMac Backup for SalesForce comes in. It provides automatic and safe backup of your SalesForce lists on your Mac.

     That means, every single crucial contact you've found by sweat and hard work will be secured on your Mac. So you can always use your data whether or not you have Internet access.

     In short, whatever happens to your company or the economy, your sales lists will be safe.

How does it work?

     When you setup the app, you enter your login, password, and security token for your SalesForce account. PocketMac Backup for SalesForce takes care of everything else.

     It runs, in the background, every 15 minutes to make a complete and accurate backup of your SalesForce contacts into the Mac Address Book. While it’s downloading your contacts, it also backs up tasks and calendars to your iCal as well.

     Once the data is safely on your Mac, it will be included in your Time Machine backup and is immediately available for you to review or to sync to devices.

    We've designed this so that you set it and forget it. It's simple, easy and powerful.

Now that I have my data safeguarded...what do I do with it?

    The great thing about having a stable, offline backup of your SalesForce data is that you can access it everywhere.

     Traveling through a "dead zone" and need to access your customer's address and phone number? No worries. Just open Address Book and it's there.

     Can't bring your Mac? Sync the contacts and appointments to your phone and you can take these assets with you that way.

     In short, you have everything you need with you, in all its different forms and you can do whatever you need with it.

How can I get it?

     Simply order this online, and you download it immediately. Then you're up and running right away and you can start safeguarding your future.


Tim Goggin,
Vice President
The PocketMac Team

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