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Top Methods to Unlock iPhone 6 for Free

Apple’s latest range of iphones is now available in the market and customers with tight budget are more attracted towards cheap but locked iphone 6 handsets. They are purchasing their new iphone 6 handsets that are locked to companies like Amazon, AT&T, O2 and Orange mobile etc. Due to high rates and limited coverage, mostly people are switching to various different methods of unlocking iphone 6. This is because they do not want to pay higher rates for calls and internet to the companies from which they have purchased their iPhone 6. In this article we are going to list out some top methods that have been recently updated by various different iphone 6 unlocking experts online.

The Jailbreaking of iphone 6:

Iphone 6 jailbbreaking is the most popular and common method used by most of the Apple products owners to free their iphone from any kind of set restrictions by the manufacturers. There are many ways in which you can get jailbreaking services. You can either download the software online or then perform a step by step process to unlock iphone 6 or take your iphone 6 to the market and ask some expert to help you in jailbreaking process. He/she will obviously charge you a few dollars for this service but by downloading software online and doing it by yourself will be free.

Software unlocking of iphone 6:

iPhone 6 and 6 plus is also being unlocked by the professionals in the market with the help of various different developer software. These applications are also available online and you can easily download them. All such applications carry a step by step guide to unlock your new iphone 6 successfully. If you are not getting what online applications are doing then it is best to get your iphone 6 checked and unlocked by someone who is already doing similar jobs for the customers around.

iTunes unlock:

While Apple have not yet disclosed any sort of method to unlock iPhone 6 with the help of iTunes but some crazy iPhone 6 lovers have introduced techniques to unlock your iphone 6 with the help of itunes. It is pretty simple just as we used to unlock our iPhone 5s with the help of iTunes. All you have to do is to install some apps or exe files in your computer and then connect your iphone 6 with it by using iTunes and unlocking will be processed. Give it a try or search online for more reliable sources.

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